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Rho Impact and our partner Eclipse Ventures invite you to forecast the impact of your own company or portfolio. Underpinning all of the data in the 2023 Eclipse Carbon Optimization (ECO) Report are detailed models that are presented in a consistent format that we call the ECO Framework. This framework focuses on making forward-looking claims more rigorous, repeatable, collaborative, and open.

Below you will find links to a spreadsheet-compatible version of the ECO Template, which you are free use and help improve. You will also find an example analysis, which demonstrates how this work can be done in practice. We have also provided a high level view of the key framework elements, which distills these complex models into understandable math, which is vital for the adoption of these approaches beyond technical audiences.

As 2023 continues to shatter temperature records, the world stands at a pivotal crossroads. We hope frameworks such as this help our collective decision making and enable investors and operators to use their unique positions to be both vehicles for financial prosperity and also stewards of our planet's future.

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$ 20 330k
$ 50 855k
$ 20 330k
$ 10 420k
$ 20 330k
$ 40 855k
$ 50 855k


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Overview of

Eco Framework

Rho Impact collaborated with Eclipse to establish the ECO Framework, which leverages CRANE, a tool developed by NYSERDA and Prime Coalition to assess the environmental impact of Early-Stage ventures.d powerful.

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